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Iris Poljan & Rahman Hak-Hagir

Artwork concept/description:

A performance that engages the public and is done by the public. 

The public is formed by people who wish to search for their X.


X represents things we all aspire: Our goals, life ambitions and seekings.

X varies from person to person.

The questions imposed are:
Will you find what you are looking for?
Will you follow your aspiration to the end?

Once you find your goal will it at the same time become a burden?
And most importantly what does X represent to you?

The public performance was adapted and done at the locations of SchoK 2019, Schoorlse Kunsten art manifestation (14th -16th of June 2019.) in Schoorl, The Netherlands.


Photo credits: Grietje Bouman, Zoe Simon, Rahman Hak-Hagir and Iris Poljan, video credits: Rahman Hak-Hagir


The artists would like to thank everyone that contributed and participated in this artwork project. Special thanks to SchoK (Schoorlse Kunsten) organisation team, Grietje Bouman and Zoe Simon for making all this possible.

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