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Maria Bitka & Iris Poljan (2018)

Artwork / concept:

A collaborative artwork, consists of two different art mediums - drawing and video, focused on the topic of migration.

Finding a way, a path, in life is challenging. Paths may vary, depending on whether we are taking a personal road to self-discovery or migrating on behalf of self-preservation. Both define us as human beings.

Such a thought of taking upon a journey connected the two artists, that work in different media but sheared a similar view  on the subject, to make an art collaboration.

The main idea behind the artwork is to make an art dialogue. To intertwine Maria Bitka's (PL) video transmission "Walking somewhere" of her Camino de Santiago walk with Iris Poljan's (CRO) depiction of "Tossed Shoes" - leaving material things behind - a testimony of crossed boundaries. The work is done in two layers combing the fragments of a journey dialogue.

Maria's pilgrim walk video was projected onto Iris's canvas drawing.

The two layers were combined in a way to underline the idea of walking, not knowing where we are heading but being persistent of taking this road wherever it takes us.

Artwork was displayed at Kunst Im Dialogue, group exhibition, in Röcklturm, Landshut (DE).

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