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POINT OF VIEW (2018-2019)

A: 'Come, I want to show you something!...'

B: 'What am I looking at?'

A: 'It's not what but how... We'll now try to change your point of view...'

B: ' Why are we doing this?'

A: 'To find out if we can see the same.'

B: 'So are we seeing the same then?'

A: 'You tell me.'

'Point of View' deals with the thoughts and solutions of approaching things. To be more precise, how to view them and take in the world around us.

I, the artist, give simple and sketchy instructions which suggest to the viewer how to approach the view. To get them to change their point of view. 

We know that no two people see things in exactly the same way. Our point of view is our signature. (Will Gompertz on artist's point of view) With that in mind, I ask myself if there is a right (proper) point of view. My question, and this artwork concept, got a specific answer by pure chance. While walking through Zagreb, I stumbled upon a specifically described view. It was an ad for Goran Trbuljak's exhibition in MMSU Rijeka: ''Hundreds of viewers are currently looking in the wrong direction only you are looking properly''. This view triggered the exhibition concept in which I, the artist, make the audience see things my way. 

At the gallery, the artworks are displayed to pose as suggestions of views. They visually communicate with one another and with the viewer.

This artwork series poses as a strategy, with the idea of pointing out the problems of seeing things, right in front of us. 

By suggesting the point of view, I play with the question - can we change our point of view? How can it be done? 

Technique: acrylic paint and charcoal on canvas 

Year: 2018 - 2019

Photo credits: © Iris Poljan, © Juraj Vuglač

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