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Iris Poljan, Misseen
Iris Poljan, Right Opposite
Iris Poljan, Offline In Person

'Made You Look' series focuses on highlighting everyday life situations we all sometimes seem to missee. It questions the way, things, one sees his/hers own everyday reality. The question stated is will one notice what is really important, what is in his/hers surroundings, or get distracted by the virtual reality around us?

What mischiefs are the children constructing while we look away?

Will one really notice the person talking to him from the opposite side of the table?

Should we communicate via texts, statuses and stories rather than to talk in person? Even if we are standing right next to the person?

What should one do to make the other look and see?

Technique: acrylic paint, coloured chalk on canvas

Year: 2014

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