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Iris Poljan, Spotlight
Iris Poljan, Lisbon
Iris Poljan, Making it up

The drawings of this series answer the question what happiness is to me. They depict the small everyday things such as moments, reactions or ideas that came to mind. They were done in a form of postcards with the aim to show the public an intimate image of (view on) happiness and to try to get the viewer to try and find oneself in one of the images shown. When the person found the image he/she could relate - on the blank side of the post card (the back side of the post card below the image post card) to they had a chance to write a thought or a statement what they saw in the image and/or what happiness is to them.

Made for the group exhibition: Matkalla Onneen

Technique: coloured pencils, pen ... on paper

Year: 2017

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