Focus - Notice.jpg
Focus - Notice
Touch - Echo
Talk - Conversation
Meaning - Interpretation
Thought - Concept
Step - Process
Showing - Moving
Sound - Rhythm
Point - Perspective

Boarding Passes

The idea of a socially orientated world in which people were encouraged to pursue their dreams, where they could find common ground and were motivated to connect resulted with an art series of boarding pass stitchings.

The Boarding Passes are for the same ‘abstract flight’ but they aim to encourage for people to ‘try things anew’.


Addressing abstract things such as viewing, listening, communicating, expressing… all part of the lives we are living with the aim of provoking a new approach of taking time, taking chances, opening up, thinking out of the box, working towards a goal and a dream. These are all parts that our current society could use more of. The artwork series is made of dozens printed boarding passes, that have hand sewn starting points and destinations.